Canibus - Fait Accompli [Cover & Tracklist]

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Canibus - Fait Accompli

Date de Sortie : 15 juin 2014

Tracklist :

Star Spangled Banger (Intro)
Fait Accompli
Yellow Line
Pay Me In Gold
This Ain’t the Movies
The Primary Axiom
Orange Line
Dyson’s Fear of Spheres
The Principle of Equivalence
The Rude Boy Oscars
Red Line
The Last Christians
God$Les$ America
Historic (feat. The Four Horsemen & Tragedy Khadafi)
The Future
Star Spangled Banger (Outro)
Wreck Room
Explanations & Misinflations
Make a Sound
Dutty Desparados
Robot Makers
Pay Me In Gold (Remix) (feat. Pyrit)

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