Chinese Man & Tumi - The Journey
Artiste :   Chinese Man & Tumi
Titre de l'album :   The Journey
Date de Sortie :   27 octobre 2015

Tracklist :

  1. Jungle Boogie
  2. Better That Way [feat. Taiwan MC]
  3. Ronin
  4. Pills for Your Ills [feat. Khuli Chana]
  5. Past Your Time [feat. Youngsta CPT]
  6. The Journey
  7. Jungle Boogie (Scratch Version) [feat. Scratch Bandits Crew]
  8. Better That Way (Jazz Reworked) [feat. Le Syndicat du Chrome]
  9. Ronin (Dub) [feat. Hugo Kant]
  10. Pills for Your Ills (Afghan Beat)
  11. Past Your Time (Trap Reboot)
  12. The Journey (Lost Mix)

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