Y’all Ain’t Lyrics/Paroles
2 Chainz

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[Intro] I don’t know what it is I ain’t even been here This is like I come home, I hear shit They wish… they sneaks in, shit [Verse 1: 2 Chainz] I’m winning, I don’t know no niggas here Came in this motherfucker by myself Smokin on strong, holdin on my dick Like oh, my gold on, I’m talkin’ gold mine Niggas takin’ shots at me, I send ‘em back I tell ‘em hold mine Now touch down, goal line [Hook: 2 Chainz] Y’all ain’t killin’ shit Yeah, y’all ain’t killin’ shit I’m on my mean ass shit, My black leather and my yellow bitch So tell your bitch, to go tell a bitch I got a better bitch, ever since I’ve been boomin’ nigga [Verse 2: 2 Chainz] The bitch I’m with, looks just like she clueless Work tape… she movin’ Daddy U-Haul, no RuPaul, that’s no gay shit No fake shit, I’m from the A, bitch That gun talk, conversation Fire! [Hook: 2 Chainz] [Verse 3: 2 Chainz] Bitch I’m with look just like she Cuban I met her in Miami by the pool and My closet, so big we can play hoop in Got your bitch in my living room and she droolin’ [Hook: 2 Chainz] [Verse 4: 2 Chainz] Extendo clip You gon’ need a ruler nigga Yeah, I got brain, don’t need a tutor nigga No days off, Ferris Bueller nigga Computer love? You gettin’ love on a computer nigga? Damn [Hook: 2 Chainz] [Verse 5: Cap-1] Yeah, and since we been boomin’ nigga C4 we had detours and we stay on top of that mula nigga Got another chick, with another bitch And another chick that look sexy with me Got a hundred bottles with the sparkles comin’ Turnt up in my section Gettin’ it like boom! In the streets with that product All we hold is them choppers Southside and that’s with an F And that F still stand for fuck these niggas Got a red bitch, and her head sick And her ass fat, and we still get rich Gone