Quit Hatin Lyrics/Paroles

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[Verse 1] Hey there, you nasty boy It’s been a minute And I could say my life has changed Since you hit it This is your strongest trait You worked a miracle While they say I’m sprung, I say Baby, you did it [Hook] They say you a baller I hear you’re just a player And all my friends tell me I should have never dated But now I’m in love with you And I’mma have to tell ‘em Quit hatin’ on him… Don’t be jealous [Bridge] (Your world, your world) I’m into you boy, it can be (Your world, your world) Boy this don’t mean that I gotta be (Your girl, your girl) Had to take my friend home My girls, nowhere without my girls, baby [Verse 2] Hey, first I seen you in a Beamer And then I saw the Lexus I knew by the Benzes With the 20-inch rims on ‘em And a lot of ex-girlfriends I bet they still callin’ Well I can’t say I blame ‘em Cause you have somethin’ [Hook] [Bridge] [Bridge] [Hook]