Ab-Soul - Closure (ft. Jhené Aiko) (Lyrics - Paroles)

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Ab-Soul - Closure (ft. Jhené Aiko) (Lyrics - Paroles)

Ab-Soul - Closure (ft. Jhené Aiko) (Lyrics - Paroles)
[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
Yeah, yeah...
I called you back I'm glad you didn't answer baby
Cause every-time we talk I always feel the static baby
Could be the distance, yeah
You spoke the truth into existence to degrade yourself
Told me keep it G as if you told yourself
Knew that I was on the move
I got to prove my theories to be true

[Hook: Ab-Soul & Jhene Aiko]
I know it's getting hard to think about me
I know it's hard to see me on the TV
I know you wish you never met me
I liked you better when you didn't like me
Things just ain't the same no more
Things just ain't the same no more
Still think about you everyday
And I wish I could stay
But things just ain't the same no more

[Verse 2: Ab-Soul]
I don't regret a second that we shared, hell no
In fact I often wish that you was here, right now, ow, ow
Cause' when Lori left me you was right there
Lord knows you had the right care
I wonder if you still praying to the East
I wonder if you ever forgave me


[Verse 3: Ab-Soul]
I know I said it'll be just one time
But it felt so good that I came back twice
And I take full blame
But in this word of selfish men
You keep your heart inside your chest
And not in someone else's hand

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Titre: Closure
Featuring(s): Jhené Aiko
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