Famous Girl Lyrics/Paroles
Ace Hood

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[Into: Ace Hood] she just wanna be, she just wanna be [Hook: Ace Hood] She just wanna be famous, be famous she fascinated by the life and the cars she just wanna be famous, be famous on Instagram postin pictures like damn I gotta hit you take, so contagious, and I can tell by the way you are that you just wanna be you just wanna be that you just wanna be famous [Verse 1: Ace Hood] Hello little darling, features are flawless in deep astonish and pardon me if im honest but um, your body tonic God is so super sonic, for real and the way you walk in them heels no you aint up to this feel whats the deal? got a job, where you work? Louie purse, on your arm …out with your mom, I be in the game im your type I know this just what you llike attention seeker you steady tweetin those pics from behind I see right through your disguise shawty your thirsty besides I see the greed in your eyes see them ballers arrived you watchin niggas pockets say you motto from stoppin hangin out with celebs, every week by the poppin [Hook] [Verse 2: Ace Hood] Naw, I dont understand it prison is so demanding Louie, Gucci, Chanel and them … bags hit the standards get it Dirty Diana, loyal as instagrama picture perfect example how love is made to the camera you motto I dont figure, bookin it before I remember laughin at your … her body as cold as December I get it, you can rough it surgery on your stomach livin without a budget frontin like you be stuntin for fame the name, the cars, and the chains that shit go its ashame do anything for the game, pathetic aologetic got people shorty I get it truth is never excepted your motto is so detective [Hook]