Got Damn Lyrics/Paroles
Ace Hood

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[Intro] Oh yeah? That’s how you feel, huh, young niggas? You gon’ pull up in that ma’fuckin’ foreign right there Went bare in your ma’fuckin’ pocket with that bitch? [Hook] Goddamn… goddamn Why you do ‘em like that? Goddamn (What you mean?) How he pull up in the Porsche, 911, oh lord With a bad bitch with me and her ass all for it Goddamn… goddamn Hundred-thousand for the Rollie, goddamn All these diamonds in my chain, 30 bottles on the way KOD in Magic City, pissy, K, I’ll make it rain Goddamn [Verse 1: Ace Hood] Steppin’ out tonight I think I’m ‘bout to make a movie Drophead Phantom whippin’, bumpin’ Lil’ Boosie Bitch, I got a check I just might buy the whole club Twenty-thousand dollars I just call it showin’ love Big money nigga, caught a milli on the jewels Ballin’ like a bitch, I made the ESPN news Oh boy, you can never play me for a fool Keep a Mr. Fix-It with me, that’s who keep the tool I say “now good lord, look at shorty there, she all ass” “Bet your money she gon’ fuck me for that brown bag” I said I’m too gone off that liquor – turn up, nigga, you trippin’ And peace to rockin’ my system – blue-tinted watches, I’m different [Hook] [Verse 2: Plies] I was in the trap, cracker kicked the door I was in the room, I was beatin’ a hoe Cracker asked me “nigga, where the store?” Told him “probably in Alaska, cracker, where it snow” Hit Crummers, I’mma buy a hundred shares And give it all the way to all of y’all niggas Got a funny feeling I’mma whack me a rat And get on TV playin’ crazy like “I don’t know what happened” Asked me did I fuck his girl, I told him I don’t remember Now did she suck me? That’s a strong possibility Hit him with the nine and got his shit back Ten racks, pussy nigga, and I’ll sell your chain back [Hook] [Verse 3: Ace Hood] Okay, now fat black Meryl bitches call me Bruce Wayne Crib big as Wal-Mart, nigga that’s a shame And I keep a shooter, call that boy Dwayne Wade Most them niggas pussy, lucky I don’t call names Catch me runnin’ up in that, Lord have mercy, thank you Jesus Probably with a freak, her name Tanika, she a skeezer Order more bottles, tell ‘em more rosé Dope boy swag, gold rollie and some J’s I be wildin’ on your niggas – stylin’ on your niggas Go and cop a whip and then I Instagram a picture What your money like? What get your cheddar up? My paper long, bitch, etcetera, etcetera Yeah! [Hook]