Take Yo Bitch Lyrics/Paroles
Ace Hood

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[Bridge: Ace Hood] True player for real know you heard about me I’d a popped two molly’s and Im going on three and Im out my mind and this bitch so geeked try told ya’ll niggas (yeah) dont leave your girl around me [Hook: Ace Hood] I’ma take your girl Im gonna fuck your bitch I’ma take your girl Im gon fuck that bitch Ima take your girl Im gon fuck that bitch Im beat that up give her all this dick Verse 1: Ace Hood] Now bad little bitch from the ATL and she got an ass like K Michelle Rule number 1 dont kiss and tell her hair no joke like Dave Chappele I beat that pussy like a murder case she gon catch this white like colgate keep my hoes in line like soul train every day nigga bald no rogaine I said twenty bottles im flexin diamonds in my Rolex where the bad bitches? where the bad bitches? I’m just checkin Man I popped a molly Im sweatin (woo!) Bagged a bitch now we textin (wooo!) plenty more in my section I’m a young version Hugh Hefner I cant even feel my face I don really need more drink all these hoes they coming with me all these niggas cant believe I say Im rollin Im rollin and this dope Im smokin is potent need you,you,you and her right there back to the crib so we all can share [Bridge] [Hook] [Verse 2: Ace Hood] Im killing these hoes like Im Ted Bundy never bag bitch Im a head junkie white tank top and some Polo undies tryin to serve a freak with this chocolate sundae snatch your chick like an alley-oop shots on the rock I dont do the Goose put her in the coupe I removed the roof slam dunked that pussy like Bron do I say hold up Doc I aint feelin well my rolex sick and my pockets … throwin up money Im sick as hell about 25K thats life in jail now where the bad hoes at with them ass shots? ref for nigga be a mascot KOD I brung major cash and they waving at me like carryout say turn up nigga dont turn down (turn down) please dont bring your hoe around (naw) I don’t wanna know her name next thing you know we went 4 rounds I’m a wild young nigga Ill admit that hold that bitch Ima get that she’s in love with my 6-pack and I aint talkin no beer rack nigga [Bridge] [Hook]