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Angel Haze

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Angel got a dream? Haaa Murder everything, haaaa Yeah, yeah All our lives we only want it to .. but Nothing compares to them knowin’ they can’t stop us Throw your hands up, know anything is possible yeah Bitch sprite in, these are mother*cking cops Gotdamn I’m still the greatest where I didn’t backseat for ages Feel a lot of .. time be wasting and I swear I’m still underrated They grab me to these haters Told them bitches to follow me What to making to these .. put my way and outside of me Bitch I’m now.. pot to be Nigga .. your words and .. They run the best .. Yall niggas ain’t made some mockery Had to let my treatments .. Go kill kill kill kill, it’s a mother*cking policy Never f*ck the brain it’s a grave you Y’all bitches ain’t need to save ya .. that made you, tell the bitches better keep the nature Then it’s my job to kill you hoe, I guess that’s leave me the play gus, It’s my job to tell you hoe .. I never really wanted with the same hot, In the brain people with the same dot, In a world with an A ..stay true, Got a bunch of mother*cker stay hot, I ain’t f*cking with niggas they all intimidated, You ain’t getting no p**sy, just keep on masturbatin You niggas f*cking with saking, F*ck playin with fire I keep hands off in this bitch You must now address me with sire Bitches check my attire, All of the finest .. of f*cking angel of death, They want it and they can have it, I’m sorry I’m going maniac Insanity is a habit, I now leave your proper English .. just to grab em, busy getting my waiter, Told em my .. and murder pronounce some dead And my .. enough to bury .. but whatever you earn I murder who ever send it, shit pop building make that bay ‘cause poppin’ p**sy is a relative, some of you I ain’t tellin’ Most of you niggas can’t get the line, if you listen closely you understand at the time mine, Bitch, and you got a dream? Bitch murder everything, bitch. All my life I only wanted to profit, Nothing compares to them knowing they can’t stop us Throw your hands up know anything is possible, This right here, please the mother*cking gospel, This is just beginning This is just the month, This is just the .., bitch.