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Busy Signal - Gyal Yuh Good

Gyal Yuh Good Lyrics

Tip paw yo toe gwaan bubble fi mi gyal

Wickedest slam seh a you have it gyal

Balance paw yo head kotch it up fi mi gyal

Hot and sexy walk out wid it gyal
Gyal yo good, gyal yo good, gyal yo good

Gyal yo good, balance pon the sinting just like yuh should

Yo titty dem firm yo brazier hold it good

Look good in a clothe and yo false hair good

Underneath yo so clean, pum, pum, pood

And when yo walk in everything good

Whole heap a man a try look yo make sure dem cash good

Because yo haffi collect fi your good, good

Ghetto gyal dem a ride pon the sinting good

UWI, Utech gyal dem brite

Dem brains good
Uptown gyal love the neighborhood

A me a dem neighbor treat the neighbor good

Mobay gyal, balance pon the head good

Portmore, Portland, Portugal gyal good

Negril gyal good, Westmoreland gyal good

Lucea gyal good, Trelawny gyal good

St. Ann, Ochi, St. Thomas gyal good

Falmut, Oldharbor, gyaldiville gyal good

St. Elizabeth, St. Mary gyal good

All a dem gyal yah love wine paw hood

Stony Hill, pon the stone gyal good

Polly Royal a lucky, 38 gyal good

Platinum and Sin City gyal dem good

Shades in a mobay dem gyal deh stay good
Mi gyal dem round a black boy dem good

Poppine gyal good, a August Town good

Cockburn Pen gyal mi know dem good

Water House gyal good, the skin clean stay good

Shi reveal the Victoria Secret good

Every gyal in a the massage paulo dem good

And when mi a talk bout the gyal dem good

Compliment dem gyal yah caw dem look damn good
Gyal yo good, gyal yo good, gyal yo good

England gyal dem mi know dem good

Japaneses gyal good

Chinese and Europe gyal dem good

Canadian, American gyal good

Caribbean a the best African gyal good

Tightness good, gum that good

Glue that good, the grip that good

Yo quint that good, yo bubble that good

Yo bounce pon that good and then yo brace it good

Busy Signal a tell the gyal dem good

All a the gyal dem mi know dem good

Come from near and far gyal good

Tell dem in a bus or in a car dem good

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