Cassidy - Ainít Gonna Happen (Lyrics - Paroles)

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Cassidy - Ainít Gonna Happen (Lyrics - Paroles)

Cassidy - Ainít Gonna Happen (Lyrics - Paroles)
I was a kid hustliní, rims touchiní, grindiní for a grug
Three wings a hurt you, an alment and a hug
And a hand in the drugs, with my hand on the snub
Cuz man, Iím a thug. Is you a man or a bug?
Iím bagginí that damn bar with my hand in the glove
On my crystal, I give a half gram for a dug
Iím workiní now, got the sour cush and the purpiní now
I got it if you try and cup it, you ainít gotta search around
I purchase pounds and flirt around with that white chick
That white that had your nose rid like a circus clown
If I ainít winginí verses down then Iím on the strip
I got that work flippiní like some bitches in the circus now
Itís like the universe and soul when our work is over
And Iíve got them rocks and perks if you try and purchase those
Thirsty hoes poppiní pills like itís birth control
500 milligrams, Iím a drug dealer man
You gotta play your cards right but if you deal a hand
You could make a killiní man and blow like a ceiling fan
Listen, sippiní liquorís a good feeliní man
I was a cognac hack, now Iím a tequila man
Iím wrapping grands up in my sonís sily bands
And pinky ring cost Ďbout a half kilogram
I was on some liviní in mama house shit
Now Iím in Yemen, spending mortgage money on an outfit
I clean my jewels with the shit you clean your mouth with
Keep a glass of Colgate, success is my soul mate
You so fake, Iím the truth, not a pretender
Iíve got one windless, niggas weíre all signers, remember
I knock a fight but even a ninja could get injured
So I keep a hammer on me like Thor from The Avengers
Iím like a superhero, youís a weirdo
So I get you robbed like De Niro
When you say you hustle birds, that get on my fuckiní nerves
Cuz you ainít never fucked with them birds, you like a scarecrow
My weed green but the orange here is dope
And itís real strong like that mad Sampson when his hair grow
I put in gears yo, years ago
You could barely flow, so prepare for your burial
You hear me yo? Cuz Iím the illest alive
You want my title, then you must be suicidal ,nigga williní to God
Iím still on my job, I ainít retired nigga, Iím flyer, nigga
You say you hop, the stop singiní to the choir nigga
Iíll still eat you up, I ainít on a diet nigga
You could get your ass chewed like fast-food
The last dude that tried to body Cass
Got every bone in his body smashed and thrown in a body cass
I kick somebody ass like karate class
Be cash, jumpiní in his jet, we bag
If you owe me cash, Iím grabbiní a ski mask
In the clock, you are hot water like a T bag
I donít need a G pass, I go where I wanna go
Cuz I could rumble yo, and niggas know my gun would blow
Iím undefeated, fightiní murder cases, I wanna know
It was a setback but you gotta respect that
Before I took 10 steps forward, I had to step back
If you thought that Iímma step up youíve got me F-ed up
Iím still regretiní all the chicken that I messed up
But still start spinniní the chicken soon as the check cut
Iím dressed up, smack back in a fresh cut
Guess what, my flow so sick I should go get checked up

Iím in an Escalade, rims taller than my youngest son
I just bought another gun
If you talk stupid, Iímma start to shoot it
And I put that on my other son
Iím not pressed to catch another case
But you a son of a bitch and I say it to your mother face
But the bull rhymes got the best lines
But this next line is an oxymoron, niggas love it
Feel me nigga? Iím from Philly, nigga
Still reppiní my city, nigga. I just hustle in another state
You motherfuckers fake, I canít fuckiní wait
See you, confront you then punch you in the fuckiní face
I mean Ė thereís a big difference between what they do and what we do

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