Gucci Gang Lyrics/Paroles
Chief Keef

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[Produced by Brain] [Intro: Chief Keef] Free Wop, aye Justo Free my nigga Slick I gotta pull my pants up my ass Free, free my nigga you know I need that You know, y'all spend money man Glo Gang y'all know how we rocking man I pop X man, I pop flats man Aye, shut the fuck up [Verse 1: Chief Keef] Boy gon' duck when my orange on him Shoot you now it's orange on ya (red on ya) Now it's dead on ya Dead mans in my pockets, and I spend all 'em On 4,000 Gucci jackets She gave me top then Gucci tapped it Tag team, then I hop in my car drag (?), racing You pacing, I'm racing to the cake and I'm icing You basic Every fucking thing I wear costs a thousand, or better Foreign sweaters, 3,000 Burberry Riding fast the cops is chasing me They can get wet with them pistols playin' Hail Mary Cause I'm tired of getting locked up That's the reason that officer got shot up Running with this paper like a running back Boy, you can't get none of that (?), I'ma let this dog out at you Bull Dog, coming through fuck the law [Verse 2: Justo] Bitch I go by Justglo Shoot yo' ass in yo' throat Niggas know I'm Glo I'm tryna get them rolls [Verse 3: Tadoe] Justo tryna get them rolls See a opp, he gon' score After doing hits, make the kill, call D-moe I think I need a pill and I need some smoke Bring some pound, bring some Remey, bring the hoes It's all about the Glo, Free D-rose Who is you? I don't know Move around, cock it back, I'ma blow, GRATARA! Kill your father and your mother and your fucking son Bitch I Glow just like the sun I'm Glo Gang nigga fuck your mom [Verse 4: Chief Keef] My life Gucci and it's a movie I got clothes just like a fuckin' movie Quentin Tarantino, with these pistols I think I'm Terintino Bitch I think I'm Godfather, off this dope Tony Montana But I'm Sosa and I go way harder Bitch and I ain't have no father Now I'm finna hop up in my Rover