I Got It Lyrics/Paroles
Cory Gunz

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[Intro] Fuck it, don't nobody got me but me x3 Fuck it, you know what I got it [Verse 1] If you don't know my government, why should we politic If I load up the slugs, then it might be a hollow tip Everybody's snitching, I don't know who to trust Even niggas we grew watching, who tutored us I'm loyal to me cause that's all that I owe You call it beef and I call that a show (If it was lifted your shit would've been my niggas hit) Fuck is you watching me for, you can't get on these benefits Grandma at home watching Ellen DeGeneres I'm in a room rolling L's with degenerates The hoes on Monroe and my platinum just dangling So many chains don't get mad at the tangling Niggas was hating their crushes was crushing on Cory All I want is the respect with the money, the power, the glory (I rap people with money), I play the town with my 40 I gotta come up, they know I've been down since shorty Straight up [Hook] [Verse 2] I don't call nobody, my problems my problems (No Cory tell on me em) I shot em I shot em I'm rapping like this, cause you dickheads don't listen to straight lyrics When I finish this i'll be upset and won't know what to make of it Niggas will stand by your side and go lie on in front of your mommy That's why I put rocks on my middle finger and I'm like, "fuck you, try me" I can see envy and hate in the eyes of a lot of you niggas I keep the semi in place by my side for a lot of you niggas (Passion like pocket) and I'm Woody like Biggie I'm more like the LOX and Will Smith, but I'm jiggy Nigga creep or get crept on and get clapped in your crevasses Auntie left home ive pulled back my beretta since Bitch I want the power like Edison I ain't out of my mind, I just found out what head it's in I don't think with my dick so I guess where the bread is then But don't get it twisted if she bout that paper then spread it then Word fuck her [Hook]