Pray Lyrics/Paroles
Gilbere Forte

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Your time of death, my cost to living Michigan feeling nigga, real white Jordan 6′s Went to school in the burbs, but don’t make no difference White boys on my team, go harder than niggas We the best in the game but your coach ain’t never listen Unsigned like a motherfucker, now the labels fishing Signed a deal a year ago, got out of it cause I ain’t feel the dough Got a cool meal, on black shepherds, I know you but I’m cool bro All black, all black, all black, my nigga, but you a known Christian Your mama dressed you for church nigga who you kidding Dick in the booty ass niggas, you must be shit They say I’m the greatest in the world, but I’ma tryina live it Party ass got all the bitches, pg kind agot all the bitches I’m a treal nigga, in hell figure, my style leave you end up missing Fashion killer, paris life, hobbing bob Sinclair 3000 electro lights Walk hard, and my soul glow, 3000 electro nights Got coke lines in the bathroom, baddes bitches live the wild life Saw bitches give the best head, standing up on my bed Or drive a gold cart through the shopping mall Staring up skirts no draws Cruising in front of your bitch, parking her whip Talking…both of y’all need to get off of my dick, dick A nigga came too far, to live a lie I die young to be still alive Let us pray, let us pray, let us pray Let us pray, let us pray, let us pray Hah, who is surviving America, on the top floor, hysteria Looking down to my life, like how the fuck did I marry her? Life’s a bitch but she suck a good dick Hands fatter than the bottom of a …sitting low on 23 inch Shush, belly of the beast but I ain’t hungry though Vegan life for you pop rose, I know…flow Andre …when I walk oh, …sweater when I’m laying low I’m on the back and neat blowing heylows With …by the case loads One day I’ma ball like, jay dub and susu On a private jet to el ritmo, instagraming my phone too Wanna play by the…god damn, must be crazy Fucking like I’m in the 80’s, ’87 I been that baby Bombs, bombs, blown away, my swag done fucked your girls away I sound myself, put your clothes away, rock here the beat, that’s a throwaway Can’t find the body, motherfucking cold case, fuck everybody Y’all no g, middle finger to them niggas dick ride to me Let us pray, let us pray, let us pray Let us pray, let us pray, let us pray My daddy dead, I was born a blessing, born a blessing Summer time in 92, back seat, I was rolling benzes … 4 mile blood, I wheel that… That I knew all life, you niggas gift… Nigga, you think this the death of a dynasty This art of war, … of me, I’ve been quite too long Jay y nigga pass that loud, smoking on that heaven Can you see them clouds Let us pray, let us pray, let us pray Let us pray, let us pray, let us pray