Closed Casket Lyrics/Paroles

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(Verse) First I brought the bricks in Then I brought the pounds out You niggas are still mad Cause I tore the town up In with the 3-5-7′s And the four pounders And it's sad, cause They just wanna be around us Yeah, cause they respect the brother I'm in a new aerie(?), r.e. reflect the color Grey with metallic Kush with the haze, make a salad Put it in a dutch or a chalice My team is the foulest Lay you on the floor like a palette And crush your skull with a mallet Never do a slut, I spend everything with popular I ride for my niggas, Cause in the end I know they got me (Verse) First, I hit it with a needle Then I cut the dope into bundles Like the dust that I stashed in the freezer Broke niggas move that shit cheaper, Cause it's weaker, the snipe shit raw Like you spit it to a feature Shit get deeper, like ring it with a visa Fresh new heater in the Lex two seater, huh Life's a bitch, so is death, when you meet her I leave 'em stretched out from the balls to the speakers Poke your chest out cause it's hard when you meet us It's D block, treat us like the mob when you greet us Old school, like (?) The shell top split through Niggas know the model Four ickes and a pistol (Verse) Ivan Gravel, meaning off the mercy of Lago Police looking like the God is Pablo Diamonds on my wrist, Heym(?) on the fifth I'm old school, nigga, like the pick with the fist I'm so cold, it's hot, the curse and the gift Louie Duffle, flying out the jail, that's me (Verse) I feel like pushing T happy(?) with the yay Me and dolla brain, million dolla rain I'll buy another house before million dollar chain I save cash money like I'm tryna beat Wayne Done, dah, pain killers and the dutch Yacking, a bitch nigga don't want much