Jermaine Dupri - Celebration (Freestyle) (ft. Jagged Edge) (Lyrics - Paroles)

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Jermaine Dupri - Celebration (Freestyle) (ft. Jagged Edge) (Lyrics - Paroles)

Jermaine Dupri - Celebration (Freestyle) (ft. Jagged Edge) (Lyrics - Paroles)
Ainít nobody fuckin with my click, I got da brat with me
Got the ksuh in the world, I got bow wow with me,
Shay e yo, I got dondria with me, my man fresh cocaine with me
This is so, so def
Weíre having a celebration, love is staying
Weíre having a celebration, love is staying
Weíre having a celebration, love is staying
Yíall know what this is
3 in the morning, niggas is yawnin
Put em as drunk as they come
Niggas is borin, see Iím still pourin
Weíll just roll up a blunt
Would you please get out of the way
Fuck these Ö blowin that smoke in your face
While we runnin the streets to the a, hey
Throwing shots Iím backshots,
Backseats and mattress, thuggin that passion
Let me know how you want it done
Party like everyday, yeah we high like everyday
Iím not tryina throw it in your face
But weíre livin like we on vacation
D.i.o.n.d.r.i.a as you should know my name
I keep the bowens with me and they always glad we came
Popping bottles of that rose man we so turnt up
Baby donít stop, we poppin
So so Öyou know whatís up
Uh, I can change your life
Boy come over here and get yourself a slice
You want that cake, cake, cake, cake
Iíma give it to you
Throw it up, light it up, sit back
And watch me do it for you
Throw it up, light it up, sit back
And she gonn do it for you
Throw it up, light it up, sit back
And she gonn do it for you

So since motherfuckers actin a fool
Iím here to celebrate the ocassion
Half bitch, half amazing, so so Öthe location
Pop a molly Iím on vacation
Fuck a role in probation
Nigga roll up that cindy, so my pist teks they stay greedy
Them top Ö my face, just in case still on my face
We donít run up, run up, cause bitch I turn up, turn up
I wanna sing it to the e aura, compliments to diora, ora
18 pimp, well

So so def we so for real, so for real
Fuck the rules we do what we feel
All these niggas up in here mad now
Feelings to yourself, everybody in the back now
Ehe, and we donít need no reason
Pop, ball out any day, any season
Hey, put the kush in that backwood
Roll it 2 times, make good thatÖgood
Any dub, I donít smoke no stress, gotta be purple better
Shout out my connect, Iím at the strip club every night
You know them hoes love me, just like montana
Pop that pussy for me
So so, nigga you know, 40 bands for this hugh blow
Got me a bad bitch in my 2 door
Ainít no squares up in my circle
Nigga you talk shit then you dead meat
Running round thatís in theÖstreet
Iím chained up, Iím rimmed up, my jays on but them 10ís up
Spending all of this cash, 26 to my life so fast
4 bitches up in my room, one is on for molly
Got a girlfriend in the closet, shit Iím tryina start this party, hold up
Fresco Kane up in the building, got my mind set on the millions
Donít really give a damn about those if he grillin
Cause I came up from nothing to something
So so def Ö and Iím reppin that east side, screamin out loud
Bum blowin that loud, red cover that brown
Now look at the tv Iím getting it
Blow is incredible, swag is ridiculous
Show after show, every city I go
They be showing me love, cause Iím Ö
Hold up, gonna roll up, as Iím smokin and toastin and livin the life
Shawty playin hard to get right now
But I bet I beat it up by the end of the night
Uh, so many days I grind, but I know that Iíma grind
Just waiting on my time, yeah
Go hard to Öthat love, see the charm on my chest
Bitch Iím so so def.

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Jermaine Dupri

Titre: Celebration (Freestyle)
Featuring(s): Jagged Edge
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