Bliss Lyrics/Paroles
John Legend

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[Verse 1: Teyana Taylor] Ooh baby, the day you stepped into my world You noticed I'm the type of girl who loves her diamonds and white pearls So tempt me to jetset away in London To sip on some tea, you surprise me with gifts from Tiffany Ooh (La la la la la la la la) I love the way we livin' boy But my daddy say, "You don't need that boy" So let's run away, let's run away Momma say I'm too young for love And lovin' you is all I'm thinkin' of My heart tells me that you're the one It's the feeling you give, it is [Hook: Teyana Taylor] Pure bliss Like you've got the key to my heart Simple as a touch and a kiss Never knew a feeling like this Pure bliss, pure bliss Nobody can tear us apart Baby it's as good as it gets (Kiss kiss kiss kiss) Loving you will never be hard This is pure bliss [Verse 2: John Legend] I remember when the pilot closed the door Said it's time for lift off You said, "What'd you choose me for?" Don't ever wonder Cause you deserve the best Once you reach the top You'll never question why you left My world is yours What you waitin' for? Let's run away Let's run away Our friends, say we're crazy But we can't listen baby They've never had it like this They don't know what it is [Hook: John Legend and Teyana Taylor]