Hoe Lyrics/Paroles
Kirko Bangz

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[Hook: YG] When I think about you, I think ho! When I dream about you, I think ho! It only took me some hours to hit, I think ho! When I see you at my niggas crib, I think ho! When you pull up in your whip, I think ho! Act different when you get your chips, I think ho! Wouldn't do it for your homies, do it for your bitch, ho! Ho! [Verse 1: Kirko Bangz] These hoes only fucking with a nigga, with them figgas You ain't got it, them bitches ain't fucking with you Stop saving these hoes, fuck these bitches Stop bringing them around a real nigga Cause a ho gon' be a ho, and a bitch gon' be a bitch Don't put your dick up in a ho that make you money And these hoes fucking different niggas every night But she still be up in church every Sunday So bitch, tell the DJ play my shit And tell your home girls to get with it Don't be ashamed to be a ho, if you a ho, then let them know You getting money and they need to fuck with it [Hook] [Verse 2: Yo Gotti] When I wake up in the morning, I think dough Bad bitch, fall for all the rap niggas, she a ho Got a 100 thousand likes and a million something followers I'm a street nigga, I'm just tryna get my dollars up Kirko Bangz and my nigga YG Yo Gotti, trill nigga, ask your ho about me Real Nigga shit, don't do that, get your feelings hurt Want a red bitch in a mini skirt Chanel boots, Celine purse Shawty not a stripper but can make it twerk When you think about me you think bread When I think about you, I think head [Hook] [Verse 3: Kirko Bangz] These hoes gon' be hoes You cuffin' and loving her, but she fucking on the low And I'm like "damn", bitch, what you saying? Ho, you know you got a man But she gon' fuck all the niggas, that all the bitches is fucking And she gon' post all them pictures that she don't look like in public She gon' be in the club, bottles poppin', she boppin' When the sparkles start coming, bitches start table hoppin' And I'm like every city we go, every other video, there she go I see the same dusty ass ho, I see the same hoes [Hook]