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Mac Miller

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[Intro: Mac Miller] 1, 2, 3, pop, pop 1, 2, 3, pop, pop 1, 2, 3, pop, pop (Mr. Davis) 1, 2, 3, pop, pop Okay Yea, Okay, okay Okay, O-kay-kay-kay-kay Okay, okay, um [Verse 1: Mac Miller] Snowflakes keep falling on my expired debit cards Don't know why I'm still awake, I gotta be up at 10 tomorrow Missiles in my repertoire, I'd say I'm pretty regular I never leave my house, I don't know why I got an extra car My pool-house studio is covered up with pencil marks And everyday is full of jokers like a deck of cards So, I'm so lonely, there's horns on my dome-piece But, I'm not the devil, I'm a motherfucking Minotaur Oh my God, look at how upset you are Cause we out here winning, brought my dogs from out the reservoir And I'mma let 'em bark, before you ready, my set will start We forgot our roots before and trust me, things they fell apart Wash myself with acid, it's because I got a denim heart My conscious so weak I need to split it up in 7 parts Revis brought me out to Cali for the first time Went to Amare's party, took tequila shots with Kevin Hart But Kevin don't remember that I saw him at the V-M-A's, told a joke - he never laughed The rap diablo, free your mind my motto And we all gonna be good if TreeJ ever hit the lotto So arigato So, shit you know I'm world famous And R. Kelly been told me I'm the world's greatest But still to fall in love is like an orgasm Cause you never gonna know if your girl fake it I'm always faded, getting shaded in the basement I just bought a cello, now all I do is play it Thank God that I made it Ask Q where Dave is He'll probably tell you that he's rolling midnights out in Vegas When I'm in my spaceship, my face is so complacent Wear a suit to cash a check, we're going to the banquet And Jimmy got the burner, but he don't wanna murder And clockwork somewhere out in Sweden speaking Danish like (Husband, isn't this your language?) That man must be a alien I really can't explain it, shit It's just a little cocaine sniff But the lines is longer than parades is I think it's time to give me all your praises So I can get this money and give all the homies raises My life is on these words, this is my affidavit And if you wanna leave, we'll battle - send your ass to David I'm half man-half amazing Probably half God, but that don't fit my calculations I know the planet Earth is about to explode Kinda hope that no one save it We only grow from anguish [Hook: Schoolboy Q] Yea, Miller Mac (Miller Mac) Miller Mac, Mac Miller (Miller Mac) [Verse 2: Mac Miller] There's snowflakes falling on my debit card Swear I'm not alive, I couldn't tell you if we ever are In this Game of Thrones, it is known I got the 4G, L-T-E connection boards No Control, fuck Ken Lamar I don't vote, I never registered But I'm a magnet for them zeros call me edward sharpe I wake up feeling dead, I need a fresher start So me and Q put people on the label we don't remember Smiled as I saw Jerm, nerding out with Josh Berg Talking in Allah (?), and drinking on a Palmer Any other room, watching C-Span with Z Dan Land out the baseline, doing drums with his freehand When I was in first grade, I wished to be Puerto Rican My mom took me to a barbershop to get some cornrows I walked in, ready for them Sprewell braids But the lady said my hair was too short though, man I always thought my moms was the illest for that shit Driving through the hood she didn't have a reaction With a 6 year old she kept the doors unlocked And drove by the 5-0 like fuck those cops God damn, it just don't stop I know my father probably wish I would just smoke pot My grandma probably slap me for the drugs I got I'm a crackhead but I bought her diamonds, we love rocks [Hook: Schoolboy Q] [Verse 3: Mac Miller] Yea, I've had the same outfit for 6 days straight And Still all these bitches will get in position because I got their pussies all dripping in pain Somehow, I'm making this music bitches to relate to And I got the life-raft, ain't gonna save you Look at my reflection, I broke the mirror It's only for protection, shit keep getting weirder Now I can't see a thing but, things never been clearer Call the [?] switch your gear up (switch your motherfucking gear) This is our year Let's get fucked up and get the fuck up outta here I've kicked it with the aliens, a different stratosphere And looking down like We come in peace I told Will and Bill they need to kick the habit We on the same trip, we just got different baggage Parks spilled the grape juice on all of Dylan's [?] shit [Hook: Schoolboy Q]