Grand Finale Lyrics/Paroles
Mac Miller

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[Intro] The hallucinations have stopped, finally, thank God, but uh, my adrenaline reserves are burning out and I'm staring straight into the face of a total psychotic freako [Verse 1] And if by chance it's my grand finale Bury me in Allegheny County It's the, the most hated, so faded that I'm bow-legged Don't beg, gross gang, smell like old lo-mein Shit, the flow dangerous, make you wanna do the wave Throw your bitch right off your lap and start a standing ovation The most strangest, master of the ceremonies A fifth of Stoli then it’s only Cher and Moby karaoke My bitch a shooter, call her Annie Oakley Get you for a pair of Kobe's, just got out on probation And no famous friends for me, just old faces I only go places wasted like I'm Joe Namath Not a king, I'm no David, music, I'm a crackhead No hobbies and recreation, don't even know my address Self medicate, self education Rick Rubin showed me transcendental meditation [Hook] Let us have a grand finale The world will be just fine without me And I don't got a smile on his face Slow it down, we goin' out with a bang Are you ready for the fireworks? It was a silent night 'til the fireworks [Verse 2] I fear nothin' on this odyssey of dark roads God lives in my dog's soul, the devil in his dog bowl We are the prophets, Jesus was a poor sport He booted Nostradamus, turned water into wine But he loved the gin and tonic, had skeletons in his closet Even God will one day be forgotten And recently I've been feelin', I've been feelin' like It'd be really nice to get to sit with Mickey Weiss Shoot the shit 'bout life, he'd be pissed I'm sniffin' white Never got to see me grow up, how long it take to live a life? I'm a bit surprised that I'm even still alive Mixin' uppers and downers, practically suicide My old Jewish mind, REMember music will be fine And I make my own peace now, if you behind Hallucination's how I use my mind Who am I? [Hook]