Insomniak Lyrics/Paroles
Mac Miller

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[Intro: Sample] Think for yourself and you'll find out that a lot of those so-called authorities are bullshit [Verse 1: Mac Miller] I'm the mothafuckin' greatest, y'all don't know that yet I don't need your money, you can hold that check At the crib in some Polo sweats I don't need a ho, that's what the hoes don't get I'm on my worst behavior Bad side piece with the perfect favor Mothafuckas never loved us Comin' for your money, mothafucka, don't trust us You ain't shit Bought a brand new crib, yeah, I move that brick I don't want nothin' with your doo-doo clique Treat her like a dog, how I do that bitch Done doin' promo And it's still mothafuckin' Most Dope Made a couple million off a brand, mothafucka We ain't even got a logo Bitch, you better have my money (I stay feelin' myself) I don't see anybody but me (Man I'm killin' myself) And this shit too real See a mothafucka like me gettin' money How does it feel? Already been, but I'm back for more Insomniac, I don't know what I got a mattress for Insomniac, I don't know what I got a mattress for Don't sleep! [Hook: Mac Miller] I'm an insomniac, a mothafuckin' insomniac (Don't try to sneak around me) I'm an insomniac, a mothafuckin' insomniac (So don't try, don't try to sneak around me) I'm an insomniac, a mothafuckin' insomniac I'm an insomniac, a mothafuckin' insomniac (Oh, hello Q) [Verse 2: Mac Miller] Yeah, yeah, said, said I'm a maniac, craziac, same thing I might need to cave the fact Chain reactions happen when I make a pact A psycho, God made me that Cause I fade to black and gets down like a plane attack You mothafuckas just made me lap Ha ha, God damnit, safety drill, do not panic Let me see how loud you scream (AHHH!) I'm off the map, mothafuckas start lookin' But they're never gonna see where I be She only speak French Said "Bitch look, don't try and speak around me" I don't sleep at all If you with that bullshit, I don't wanna be involved, shit I could make a million puttin' my lyrics on a tee Fearless, Jet Li, fourth quarter, Gretzky Take your bitch, your pet, she don't test me Don't flex if you don't got shit on me And you ain't got shit on me, come get it (Come get it, come, come get it, come) Drawer full of fresh whites [?] bag full of unleaded I don't get enough credit Don't sleep! [Interlude: Rick Ross] (M-M-M-M-M-M) They've done fucked up, han? The biggest bezzle, han? The don, Ricky Farrakhan (M-M-M-M-M-M-Maybach Music) [Verse 3: Rick Ross] My weed burnin', my chain glitter He's self made, Mac Miller my real nigga Fuck who don't like, bitch come see me Fuck who don't like, hitta, hitta, hitta Gettin' money so complicated I'm the shit, I'm constipated Yo baby momma, straight G Let me use the crib to mail all the weed California, Atlanta White girl in the black Phantom My top down, mid-December Ride with a big black fat nigga Krispy Kreme, then it's chicken wings Introduce you to different things Jet skis and the best weed Think it's fake? Bitch test me I'm jetlagged, don't need a stylist Pants sag, Jimmy Fallon Blowin' green in the green room Def Jam like Baous really wildin' Yeah they hate but won't box a nigga Bought the estate from a boxin' nigga Paranoid, I'm walkin' 'round I'm butt naked with my chopper, nigga Hahahahaha I'm butt naked with my chopper, nigga [Hook: Mac Miller]