Masicka - Heaven

Heaven Lyrics

My lady I miss yo, can you come ova
Fi some backass, foot paw shoulder
Do you waan rum or yo waan mi f—k yo sober
Skin without fit hi solder

Yo pu—y fel like heaven, heaven, heaven
Yo pu—y fel like heaven, heaven, heaven

(Verse 1)
Shi a ride and a move like a Jackie
Gyal yo use yo tight pu—y bruise up mi cockey
Shi tek it out, suck it and put it in back
A must the gyal in a the blows yuh a copy
Yuh haffi come first, that mi sure a
Stiff c—key mi a gi yo more a
Si the cockey yah tek control a
Teamo, hola

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi a come, shi a come, wi a come, wi a come
C—key stiff, pu—y wet pon the ground
Sweat a run gyal
Skin it out yuh no done, yuh no done
What a bloodclaat pu—y full a fun
Come off a the ground meck mi put yo pon the sofa
Backas hand a choke yo
If yo sell yo pu—y gyal, this a no joker
Yuh would a richer than Oprah

(Repeat Chorus)

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