It's A Jungle Out Here Lyrics/Paroles
Master P

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[Master P] Said it got lions tigers bears, in the motherfucking project Don't trust nobody, the neighbors stole my mama check The mail man act like, he ain't know shit I'm on the porch, with a motherfucking bad bitch I load it up, like I'm loading up the ammo Nigga talking shit, cause we living like we Rambo Gas prices high, so niggaz be cyphon Yeah I'm hype, and last year you didn't like me I'm Mike Jones on this bitch, Drone on this bitch Buck jumping hard, going home on this bitch From the projects to the high rise, and that ghost going bye bye Got bitches twerking for me, smoking just like she Ri-Ri Shiiit, I get better with time Nigga owe me money, bitch better give me mine Triiiick, keep talking that shit 75 million sold, but I ain't done with this bitch yeah [Chorus: Howie T] What don't kill you, only make you stronger With no love, and living for the moment It's your time, just show em that you want it It's your time, it's your time It's on you incredible Through the pain, we won't let it show So put your hands through the roof, this what champions do And never ever let em stop you from being you It's a jungle out here [Master P] Call me Louie Armstrong, way I blow that trumpet My baby mama tripping, shit she ain't saying nothing Yeeeeeah, I feel sorry for my ex Call TMZ, she won't get another check I'm a hood nigga, I came up in the trap You ain't dodge no bullets, you ain't wrote no rap I'm on the block, gone off that energy drank Make em sau ugh, and that's money in the bank Started lil' time big time, yeah we came up When I made Forbes, super models ran up Me and Boz still thugging, ain't nothing change us Big money over here, put that lil' change up My uncle on the corner, drinking a motherfucking fifth I done made it out the hood, with my motherfucking gift We don't fuck with haters, in God we trust Uptown Calliope, in pistols we bust God damn, yeah I'm back God damn, time to get rid of these rats God damn, tell the DJ bring it back Shit I got me, watch your motherfucking back [Chorus] [Howie T] Oh it's a jungle out here Yeah, it's a jungle out here Oh, it's a jungle out here Yeah, it's a jungle out here