Duh Weh Yuh Waan Lyrics/Paroles

par bilal 555 vues -

(Verse 1) Wi a the baddest out a street Man real dem counterfeit Pu-y a chat a mussi true him have mount a teeth Forty leg, forty wi forty feet The Gaad no tek defeat Thunder roll tree drop and block the street Yeh when yo si mi seh the things yo waan fi speak Yo words dem a win mi cyaa ever seet Seh weh yo waan fi seh (Chorus) Do wa yo waan, when yo si mi Do wa yo waan No bag a chat, do wa yo waan A wa yo cyaa do wa yo waan Seh wa yo waan fi seh Do wa yo waan, when yo si mi Do wa yo waan No bag a chatting do wa yo waan And mi seh do wa yo waan (Verse 2) Mi no teacher fi no long one Pu-y a me one born All who out deh a hype dem friend Dem cyaa touch mi wid a long arm In a the business mi stay on Like the colon weh spray on Dem put mi in the ice land In the hand arctic mi come out and mi still warm Mama seh stay but mi still gone Mi head sick weh the pill gone Mi poor friends a pray fi get rich Fi wake up and every pill gone Mi power fuller than Islam Dem bwoy deh a bait pon fish form From dem realize man nah tek no styling A right deh suh dem switch from (Repeat Chorus) (Verse 3) Rise up a rifle from under mi coat Dem a freak yo gyal piss in a throat Yuh a tek press like buzzer and remote War start a no war wid no mouth Meck yo blood run like a sail from a boat Pu-y hole yo mussi high under dope Play mi like a silly goat Like a billy goat Waltom shooters, Hill Rack Ford (Repeat Chorus)