Say Don't Go Lyrics/Paroles

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[Verse 1] There’s a couple things that I’d do To make you lose your mind I be all in your head, we up in your bed at the same time You got me, you don’t even know it Prolly cause I don’t even show it Gotta keep you on your toes That marble floor so cold Let me touch you then let me take it God you so erratic, you ain’t even naked Had you on the table, took you to the floor Your body wasn’t able to handle anymore I taste your lovin, I go crazy And I ain’t never had another woman phase me She will never know cause I keep it in control That’s why I got you comin back for more oh oh [Pre-Hook] First you get in my bed Then you dim the lights Then I get you, wet like sure we’re doin right Gotta put it down like a first payment Make it sound good as you say amen Tell you want my lead, you want me to stay in But I ain’t going nowhere I just wanna hear you say [Hook] Don’t go, say don’t go Please don’t go, baby don’t go There’s somethin' 'bout the way when you drop down naked When you say don’t go, don’t go Uh you turn me on Don’t go! I wanna hear you tell me don’t Want you to tell me don’t go go go [Verse 2] I’m not ego trippin' That’s not my mission I just wanna put my key in your ignition And drive you, and drive you Don’t wanna do you like them other guys do An I’ll make sure you’ll get yours before I get mine See it’s more important that I get your mind Cuz when you’re cryin' for me And you get lonely Said I wanna be your only one you’d call [Pre-Hook] [Hook]