Popcaan - Badness

Badness Lyrics


Real badman wi never go below, wi never go below

Some bwoy seh dem bad, but dem don't bad like mi though

Jean said go warn dem pu-y deh

Go warn dem priest deh

Tell dem seh me seh
(Verse 1)

Bwoy cyaa play wid the skull head

Cyaa play wid the skull head

Caw the skull no have no head

Pu-y dem naw hold no medz

Go damp head, go dead

Gyal a tell dem when fi go bed

Mi friend dem buss nough head

But me buck one head

Like a Prince gyal go dead

Mi no use bigger stone buss head

Sadieki a tough head

Mi gun dem a sing like pon head

Mi gun dem cyaa nough

Mi no si no head weh cyaa buss

Mi link dem naw cuss

So from a badness start up
Mi link dem cyaa nough

Mi no si no head weh cyaa buss

God know mi never nervous

Mi done seet dem a circus
(Verse 2)

Cockburn, dem a crock head mean while wi a shot head

Chigger wi a squeeze a no block head

Mi no pet ball head and mi naw pet no dread

Mi no Flim Stone mi a no Fred

Dem warhead yah big like cow head

Buss dem big head

Dem swear seh a trackter a plow head

When mi seh infrared weh go in forehead

Any bwoy weh gi weh any ink a dead
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Intro)
(Repeat Chorus)

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