We Dem Boyz (Bad Boy Remix) Lyrics/Paroles
Puff Daddy

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[Intro: Wiz Khalifa and (Diddy)] Hold up, hold up, hold, up Hold up, hold up, hold, up We dem boyz (Yeah, ayo, turn this shit up Ayo what up Wiz? You knew someone had to motherfucking remix this shit) [Hook: Meek Mill] Hold up, hold up, hold, up We them boyz Hold up, hold up, hold, up We them boyz Hold up, hold up, hold, up We makin' noise Matter fact I’m a grown ass man, nigga, kill the noise [Verse 1: Meek Mill] Been in the corner and shining the street Nothing can come in between Me and my money, I get to the that money I flip through that money, a fuckin’ machine Look at the haters, I see that they hate us A pull up in somethin', with somethin' that's mean With somethin' that's fly Leave with your bitch she won’t tell you goodbye Like hold up, wait a minute Pussy so good that I stayed up in it It was so good that I paid to hit it I paid to visit, got paid to visit I walked through the club with a parade of niggas You are not liked cause you paid them niggas I’m in L.A with them Haiti niggas Mexican, Blood, and some Grapestreet niggas Like hold up We was them niggas before them niggas was signed Hold up Sexing them women before that you knew they was fuckin' Hold up Me and my niggas we run through that money, it’s nothin’ You was that talk shit all summer Lookin’ for niggas with large numbers [Hook: Meek Mill] [Verse 2: Diddy and (Meek Mill)] Hold up, hold up, pop the bottle Hold up, I sip Ciroc like it's Moscato Hold up, hold up, I like them blasian and mulatto Hold up, what the fuck? You ain't got this in your serato? Hold up, my neck looking like I stole something Got your favorite rapper asking ''can I hold something?'' In the back of the back and we back in the back in the backseat, the Rolls coming (When the racks and the racks and the stacks and the stacks and the hoes comin’ ) Give me head, I think she know something Screaming that ‘’I love you, papi, like my old woman’’ I got old problems spending all this old money Bread been sitting out so long I call it more money Hold up, wait a minute (We caking nigga, look at the way that we pay for niggas Feel like a bus ‘cause I paid you niggas) Paid you niggas, you ungrateful niggas (I’m about to start making you pay for bitches) Turning my swagger up, raised you niggas, it’s Diddy [Hook: Meek Mill] [Verse 3: French Montana] (Haaan) We eating healthy, nigga Got your favourite rapper asking for a selfie, nigga (Haaan) You can’t be serious Deny my visa missed that marriage up in Paris Hold up, hold up, young nigga gettin’ money like Pappy Mason Hold up, hold up, young nigga grinding like bad braces And every time you see me I’m on TV, TMZ, Lamborghini Bare bitch with no bikini, Mussolini (haaan) You talking to them boys Hold up, running out your mouth, niggas sniffing [?] Hold up, hold up, getting dirty money yelling ‘’fuck the Forbes’’ Hold up, I’mma keep it wavy ‘til they free my boys (Who that, Max B?) Yeah, nigga that’s my boy Hold up, Dream team, nigga, we them boys Wait a minute Chinx, Meek, Durk, Puff, nigga, we the realest [Hook: Meek Mill] [Outro] (Oh my God that was amazing) Your bitch know it