Rapsody - Betty Shabazz (Lyrics - Paroles)

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Rapsody - Betty Shabazz (Lyrics - Paroles)

Rapsody - Betty Shabazz (Lyrics - Paroles)
But I ainít really talkin bout much, Iím just bustin (x4)
But I ainít reallyÖ

Mind of Malcolm X, I Belafonte like Andre rep dirty morning raps
Iím more for brothers that try to step to me
Heard it all so whatever they talk is less to me
Bless homie, I shine my light on the world tonight
Iíve been beastin this evening, I got my tiger stripes
William SC, Iím livin a tigerís life
Tryna get a piece of the pie, the cap messin eye in eye
Yea, might be a renegade, you been afraid
Show em Eminem, give no reason to speculate
Yea, they wiggin on Mo Parker
Iím mo parts of Biggie Andre and Carter
Caught yo mind in my raps, the night clearer than holy water
Iím in fact and perceptions, I told em my mindless daughter
She donít give a damn
Bout who you are, just bout who I am
New sundown after sun god, born to advance
The acid rappin, now you rappers ainít got a chance
Only Chance gave me a chance
Based on my lonely thought when others thought that I canít
Iím Good and Iím John Wooten a champion
Iím the MNOP, itís about to ante up
Thatís the anthem, thatís end to your mind far from Kansas
Wiggin Iím Mo Parker, they ainít got the answers
Iím the truth boy, no swinging at that opinion
Emotional roller coaster, they call me a king dominion
Iím the engine
Yea, rap got pride
Rap with a gift, rain danced on all odds
Better mend yo wives, theyíll never fuck with the squad
Itís jamming if you forgot
That Iím the greatest before I rock
Could be bad if you went to indoor and took in this guwop
Iím the beast in the shadows, they whisperin on the watch
(pa pa) thatís me takin aim at all of they spots
Dear pop, you sick of small pox, I know I love it
But I ainít really talkin bout much, Iím just bustin
I ainít really talkin bout love, needin a husband
Iím too young, having fun
Ainít tryna to stress about nothing
Give me a second
Iíll burn you, Iíll burn you for the record
They couldnít find a single drug in me like Eckert
Just naturally a beast, show them suckas my record
We turn and had a whirl when appetite like a pepper
Told em to think of now but most waited too long to rep it
Now Iím settin shop, realizing Iíve been separate
Second I ainít my aim for everything they rejected
I made another weapon and niggas all wet pawns
Magnet insides, resembling oceans
Cry me a river, canoed it without a paddle
Hold it out, carry me, I guess I got similar powers yea uh
Mind of Malcolm X, I Belafonte for Nelson rep dirty morning raps
Push up when you fall, donít be scared of death
Get down like tyrannosaurus rex and expire the next
Itís nada when you been to Nagasaki
At a rap party in Pate on all pop of the posses yea
Iím Tarzan, two strands away from animal
But like antelope, all these rappers is Amber Rose
I ainít heard nothing hop since Control dropped
They takin longer than detox
They donít wanna Voltron and so on
Pour on, feel my forearm, wear it like Luanne Rohan
Heart on sleeve, chief smile because we move on
Me CP, she go long, dupont,
Been a mutant since mama slipping coupons for tucsons and croutons
Do some damage, get at em like Iím a neutron, bouton
Pass on em, recycle em like a Mormon
I rained, it ainít stormin
Iím ignorin all that female rappin shitís ignorant
Competin with every emcee, come step if you wanna see us rap

But I ainít really talkin bout much, Iím just bustin (x8)
But I ainít reallyÖ

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