Roses Lyrics/Paroles

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[Verse] Dear summer they played me No point in being surprised, my vision still wavy Thought not, they musta forgot I don’t bend or break easily I’m comin’ to Europe immediately, Jay Elect, holla if you see me A wise man said what matters is under the teepee Peel my skin back you find a warrior consuming a tea leaf Cleanse the mind and the rhyme resurrect like ET Farewell to welfare like I stole the EBT Y’all water bottle fake like, that ain’t from Fiji I just go up some degrees, you might need some Degree Sweatin' me like “mmm, hmm” yea I’m back on my repeat Gon’ be a hot summer hope they survive it like Mister, Pete A drought comin’ bout they lookin’ drier than potpourri The devil still pokin’ me From the same place as Jodeci, J. Cole and Little Brother In seventh grade I had a couple friends That was lil mothers no chance to do lil other Just hung with my lil brother, stealin’ our daddy liquor This summer’s a different picture I’m back on my stick up, stick up Dagger through all your zippers, emasculate 'em So they scared to rap with me later, nigga Bet every dime and nickel, now that’s change Like my location from here to Spain Or Martin from Dragon Fly, Shenehneh to Mama Payne We hate to see momma pain, first time I saw daddy cry My grandfather passed away but today is a beautiful day Hey, smell the bouquet, though it smell like “ooh, ooh ooh” – Andre Spaz like that nigga in Comcast, c’mon bae The hottest thing you'll hear today Draft Day ain’t nuttin’ without rap, nigga these Parker plays Though the committee failed to acknowledge me on that freshmen page Still got cards to play, the Mercer boy that nae nae Funny nigga, dae dae I'll have the last laugh like the ones that got OJ It’s Jamla e’ryday, nigga