RDX - Bum [Lyrics/Paroles]

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RDX - Bum


Gyal a drop, gyal a kotch

Gyal a broad out

If yo cyaa do it good no bother walk out

Weh yo hide him gyal?

Put her far out

Cause him no waan RD bruk her out

When mi seh sit down (Repeatedly)

Sit down so gyal

(Sit down repeatedly)

Sit down so gyal

Bum pon it (Repeatedly)
Gyal bruk out like glass

Bruk out yo body fast

aerobic style that mi tell yo

Back it up, back it up

Push hi back, push hi back

Anyweh yo touch get shell so

Wine down, wine down, wine down, wine down

Wine down, wine down, wine down
Wine down, wine down, wine down, wine down

Wine down, wine down, wine down
(Verse 1)

Mi si some gyal a wild out

Some gyal a build

Some gyal boring mi like unuh still

Some gyal bad wid the lies weh fi kill

Gyal come pon the dance floor show mi yo skill

Gyal round pon the vally and round pon the hill

Round pon the wall and round pon the grill

Round pon the pole hundread dollar bill

Yo a bum pon the ground and yo liquor nah spill

So wine mi gyal so till hi broke

Badibunk, badibeng, yo waist no stuck

Mi seh sink in yo back gyal show mi yo pluck

After the party yo home mi a

Bum pon the van top, bum pon the truck

Bum till hi bend gyal, bum till hi broke

Bum pon hi smooth and bum pon hi ruck

A no time fi yo rest gyal a wuk yuh a wuk
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2)

Gyal a bubble down like when sun a set

Dem a bad eye yuh, dem a no threat

Come yah fi party no leave till yo sweat

Stop, catch yo breath

Then bum pon hi dry gyal

Bum till hi wet

Bum from the live gyal

Bum till hi wet

Bum from the inta

Bum from the net

Bum pon the gangster mi love weh mi get

Pretty gyal get gas now

Add it up, do the maths now

Fling yuh in a jail if fi wine is a crime

Pon hi road gyal a 9:15 a yo time

So bum pon the train gyal

Bum pon the line

Bum pon the work gyal

Bum pon the grind

Bum pon a crate unuh seet mussi blind

Gyal a bum pon the floor till hi clean and hi shine
(Repeat Chorus)

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