Sean Price - Kurt Rambis (Lyrics - Paroles)

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Sean Price - Kurt Rambis (Lyrics - Paroles)

Sean Price - Kurt Rambis (Lyrics - Paroles)
[Verse 1]
Kurt Rambis
Take one for the team when the opponents disperse damage
Never gun shy, I'm always the first brandish
Pop you in the face, you ate the dirt sandwich, P
I don't rap like the rest
The rest of y'all on that rap shit, put rapping to rest
Original gun clap, jackers pack in their skin
I'm a couple of mushrooms away from pitching crack on the steps
That shit is real, real shit, I'm rapping for real
Wrapping up bread 'til a nigga rap for a deal
You can be black or white and if your rapping is real
I appreciate that, Mac Miller is real, P
Black gorilla, de Ville
Where I reside I smack niggas and chill
Defending my bars first
Never respond to a fucking Kendrick Lamar verse

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Sean Price

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