Backseat Lyrics/Paroles
Soulja Boy

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They want a threesome, then some Spend whatever come in, fucking income Me and my niggas, we ain't never going broke And you have to do it all Just to know where it get to Living dreams we can never afford Now we sitting in the backseat Sitting in the backseat I got tattoos all over me and she fuck with that I pull up in foreign whips and she fuck with that A boss nigga, all the lame niggas copy cat I pull up in that Phantom and she in that Jag Tattoos all up on my chest, on my neck and back I'm getting money sipping lean, nothing but act A million dollars, that's nothing but taxes I ball out every day, I don't know how to act I'm dropping the top on my 'Rari They stare at me when I'm in the party I said, "baby, we made it", she said, "baby, we did" I'm stunting on these fuck niggas, they know what it is Now we in the backseat, turning up And she high off the kush, we burning up She roll one and smoke it, and we rolling You already know, you know how this shit go