Soulja Boy - Willy Wonka (Lyrics - Paroles)

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Soulja Boy - Willy Wonka (Lyrics - Paroles)

Soulja Boy - Willy Wonka (Lyrics - Paroles)
I pull up and they looking at me, ok
Now god damn I go hard, I pull up with gold yard
Itís lil dre, aka soulja boy Iím sport dog
I pull up on ferarri, donít make me bring the Ferraris out
I been getting so much money, these lil niggas canít pass me now
Itís soulja, itís soulja, Iím leaning it off that kicks stand
My niggas pull up with big bands, weíre taking over, we got big plans
Bam, bam, like a, like a, big bitch, choppa, choppa
Took her down, waka flocka, all in a fucking proper
All in a fucking phantom, damn, dre no opera
Niggas be talking but niggas donít want it
Run up on me show me how I point it
I blast the flash and put them in caskets
Niggas stay robbing and then they killing
Still they stealing to the first of the year
To your face niggas talking donít really want it
Lil dre, bitch I beat the case
I pull up, let me give you race
Niggas talking shit, I got horsepower,
Got hella money, bitch Iím in this place
Man we in this thang, and Iím on the stage
And they bring the money, by the fucking case
And you know what it is, that mean gold bottles
That motherfucking ace of spades
Niggas know whatís up with me, nigga donít know my history
Itís a mystery, I be in the block, with bout 50 goons bout 60 deep
Niggas talking shit, they get put to sleep
Bitch Iím on the block wanna make a creep
Bitch I talk the heat, you get put to sleep
Niggas talking shit, but yíall ainít really g
Niggas do not want it, talking that fuck shit
And Iím gonna unleash Iím on fire in the fucking streets
In the studio, Iím a fucking beast
Niggas talking shit but donít want me
Niggas west b, get your ass sprayed
In the fucking block just like a slave
Got 30 chains just like a slave
Got 30 whips just like a slave
Bitch Iím on the block and Iím getting paid
Niggas be talking but really donít want it
I run upon them my niggas with often
Fuck doing driver, Iím running that coffers
niggas be talking itís really no problem
Smoking on kush and they really got coughing
Soulja boy tell them I really go often
I came out the water like Iím African dolphin
Iím getting this money you niggas still talking
SOD money get up in these streets
Talking this shit but you donít wanna beef
Ak 47 no lacking and Iím still packing
Niggas talking down, niggas talking that fuck shit
But Iím the word around town, nigga body wasnít even found.

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Soulja Boy

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