Soulja Boy - Young & Flexin (Lyrics - Paroles)

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Soulja Boy - Young & Flexin (Lyrics - Paroles)

Soulja Boy - Young & Flexin (Lyrics - Paroles)
Young and flexiní
Young and flexiní
Hey man all know whatís with me man
This the nigga Soulja man
Iím the hottest nigga, man
Iím a gangsta man

Hey, free my nigga in the seat,
Yeah thatís my nigga zip,
Man they could that boy the twill
When it taste down Iíma make it bill
Man on back up in the streets she again
And see young nigga jiggin with a fucking pen
Hey, I took a whole thing and I went in
They call em Soulja Boy this niggas looking like my twins
I go hard and Iím freggin pain,
My money long so I bound with my haters can
Nigga mad ícause Iím cashin out outside the bank
I cashed out the million lay up in the same,
The water flussin running, and it ainít numbling
They looking round for me, they know the soldier boy it came
The nigga dope though they looking sort in life some things
But Iíll be pulling with brand new fuck it jeans
Hundred thousand in my pocket how I fit in that,
50 in the little, 50 in the frontin back
I go so hard many niggas like some runnin backs,
Iím like quarter back a bullet make you cash A man

Young & flexin, I said Iím said young & Iím flexin
I out some guard on my necklace,
And we drop blocks like we touch this
Yeah Iím young & Iím flexin,
No auto tool Iím a goon with no necklace
Hey, I said Iím young & Iím flexin
My goons out here, the niggas could get reckless
Wow Iím in the studio Iím going out,
Iím on that loud man Iím going out,
Man I swear it is going down
For the chop and the bitch got a hundred round
Oh, that pill got me buying down,
Wow, man weíre shooting ainít no fighting now
Oh, rainy that you tired like a tire now
Letís go, I swear to God is like lightning now
Fow fow fow fow and the man down
Talking all that slick shit playing round
Youíre fucking with the soldier Iím a boxes and
Put the p-ssy ass in the body bag,

I said Iím young & Iím flexin
P*s on fucking go in my necklace
Then we drop blocks like tetras
And my goons on alert digging reckless
Hey free my nigga in that cell,
Yeah thatís my nigga zel
Man I got a boy that twill
I know you feel like in.. I hell
I know it, but when he taste down I make his bell
Is Soulja hard man Iím going in
these nigga getting money I canít really tell
I pour Lord, AOG in the junk..
Is hesitation, niggas playing niggas stunt man
Is not a game got the park man
Iím going hard in the travel going hard
In the streets Iím going hard and the paint man
Gone, I said Iím young & Iím flexin
Iím young & Iím flexin
I said Iím young & Iím flexin
How they go shit hanging on my neckline
Young & Iím flexin and we drop blocks like tetra
I said Iím young & Iím flexin
My goon on alert, man oh nigga they get reckless
Leave a nigga breathless
I said Iím running that white this
Niggas playing and they foes and they no friends
Man you know how it goes in the low end

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