That's Life Pt. 2 Lyrics/Paroles
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I can't help but to kill niggers A bunch of puss ass rappers, they ain't real niggers. Their music shit, they say it shit, I disagree with 'em I'm ready to die and turn up track number three. Give me the loo, I never had it, but if I did, me feeling like Lebronk with Themaricks. So high, call my mom, I see her everytime Gun in time, cruising with this bitch, she won pageants She was Paris caring for different fabrics. Five star eatery, children love it, marriage But I'm just trying to fuck her So I told her that I love her. Bitch so fat I ain't even wear rubber Bitch so bad I think I never need another We rides together but we surface in the gutter Range Roved then back to the clucker. Imagine the section 8 Same day but different colors 'cause we the same motherfuckers, that's life I don't care if it's a religious gospel Political gospel an economic gospel or social gospel Not going to do something for you and me right here Right now, to hell with that gospel I can't help but to kill niggers A bunch of puss ass rappers, they ain't real niggers. You know I ain't perfect, but I am trying to be godlike To have it all is my birthright. Had a red light downtown L.A. Right next to Stapples, City of Angels. They make you a rookie, they either love you or hate you Sort of like NY but I'm rapping at 8 until I expire I remember that day I got the X-Files I was so hype to jay clowning in that verse At that point I wondered crashing in the dirt On the search, trying to increase my name worth Praying for the best but I'm prepared for the worst These niggers tough, they is trying to get a meal first I got a white collar mind and a blue collar shirt. You claiming you bought water from the earth. Then you blame it on the law attraction Me and your people don't give a fuck 'bout your actions. It's entertainment, yu get more from rapping. These fairy tales and song I just sit back laughing. But that's life! Old man grown ups Wanna be successful? He say real bad. He say then walk on out in the water So he walks out into the water, watch this he walks out into the water waist deep. So, you know, this guy crazy hey, man, I wanna make money