Toca Tuesdays Lyrics/Paroles
Talib Kweli

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You know I’m on the air, and I’m fucking around cause I just don’t care Tell it kweli and be represent bk, and now he’s a dj Killing shit on a …Tuesday, and I’m chilling back, drinking my boose So take over The change over, and we do it right now All the fellows say ho, all the ladies say aw Hey yo, we do it so exclusives Hey yo, we do it like the swishes on a nike These emcees shoot ya, in the face with the lyrical base I never waste time, I just waste my rhyme on the one I chose Brooklyn I took the 2 to the 3, the 4 to the 5, we keep it so alive Hey yo, it’s emcee … tone, Yeah warrup man, we buck em down Talib and tone we don’t fuck around We keep it real bizness, keep it serious Know what it is motherfucker it’s delirious … know what it is man, I don’t be caring Funk flexing tone, see you later The old album called the peacemaker My old album called black star Not important they say it…they really should say it… I’m from New York, my mother professor So I pronounce my R,s and I do it on the Your girl got a lonely chocha, niggas light Sammy Sosa And they fight like Mohammed Ali, tell them Ali … The illest emcee, the illest dj, on the 1e to the 3 to the 4 We keep it so raw Coming with the ill metaphors and the similies Yo, people consider me the entity They never took a loss so consistently Everytime I get in the mike, yo I break it Everytime I get on the mike, these emcees have to take it They can’t fake it, if they do, they’ll never make it.