Heroes Lyrics/Paroles
Tinie Tempah

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Victory is ours, mystery empowers History empowers, the victory smells sweet Tryna get into heaven racing through hell's street Dancing with the devil with my two left feet Rocking with the devil up on New Year's Eve 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 as the devil in the red riding blue just leaves She says I'm a motherfucker, see you and she Say hello to everybody, favorite new MC Loving the alphabet, except you and V Some of these motherfuckers getting too friendly Why the fuck am I staying next to two MPs Bullshit politics, I'm tryna find where knowledge is 'Cause it ain't in these school and colleges ?? tryna step the whole wide world with no apology EVERYONE'S A HERO Yeah, we all learn to fly the wind No tears when the sun goes home 'Cause heroes never die, no EVERYONE'S A HERO We are bound accepting changes And heaven raised piano 'Cause heroes lost today, today, today Finally fuck the ?? 'cause I be going, going, gone full of temper Ask me more one question about our senses I go deeper, I lose my fucking temper ?? no race, religion or gender See these niggas get the saddest case of dementia [Snippet]