Look at Me Now Lyrics/Paroles
Tinie Tempah

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[Verse1] Beamer, Benz or Bentley Plus Ciroc, Petron and Henne Tryna sell a billion Call me Elvis Presley Keep it, old school You niggers elementary Got a red and yellow chick That kinda look like Robyn Fenty And when her head shit I call it migraine Blindfold a bitch, to my crib Call it blind date Next single me and Wiz I bet we finish high mate Rebecca Black, everyday a Friday [Hook] Look at me now Look at my style Ooo, fitted and tapered Look at me now Look at me how? I be fresher than a motherfucker [Verse2] If it ain't Billboard GQ or Now How the hell can you fools look at me now You niggers dont eat in Philippe Chow And you ain't no members of Soho House When i go all out, ain't got no spouse Made cheese and cream, all without no cal International now fam, without no doubt Fuck girls with names that i can't pronounce