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Tracy T

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[Hook: Tracy T] x2 Started with 16, nigga Now I've got a hundred P's, nigga Migo came and drop a ton, bitch Made the profit, gave it to my mom [Verse 1: Tracy T] Nigga came and drop a ton Nigga I got a lot of ones Lot of twenties, lot of fifties, lot of hundreds, lot of guns Started, with an L bow They got bullets truck blow Pockets only going crazy like whoah nigga I got platinum like my jury fuck em gold digger Whoah, Quarters used to sack 'em up Zips I used to sack 'em up, now the driver backin' up Bad bitch she bustin' bells weight on the scale and bag em up Nigga try to rob, I gave 'em hell, the choppa backed him up Bang bang bang bang! Just another toe tag Got it all up off a bag [Hook: Tracy T] x2 [Verse 2: Meek Mill] Started with a 16, now I've got a hundred piece I was dead broke, i used to pray to get a hundred ki's Posted on the corner, ounce of coke in my [?] Watchin for the [?] tryna sting us like bumblebees Leanin' off that pro-meth Hundred bands ain't no sweat [?] nigga, fuck your club Fuck your body you ain't got no check Cause my niggas ball Ball like there ain't no ref And these niggas flat tops, blow my whistles [?] So it ain't no shop Brand new coupe with a see through roof But it ain't no drop Hold up There ain't no drop with a see through roof? So there ain't no top Cause i've got panoramic views Put your men up on a noose And i put you up in a hearse And leave your family with a [?], nigga [Hook: Tracy T] x2 [Verse 3: Tracy T] Hold up, what’s you doing nigga? Whole [?] 33 that's Patrick Ewing nigga Same bitches that ain’t left, when I told her to I can talk a hundred thousand out their pussy ho I slamp dunk it with my migo, throw that alley-oop 30 footer I can show a nigga how to shoot It ain't talk 'bout [?] who the fuck is you Thousand dollar suit I gave my mama little profit nigga Next trip I bought some diamonds clear as vodka nigga [?] Started with a pound now got a thousand pees [Hook: Tracy T] x2