Tyga - Tsunami (Remix) (Lyrics - Paroles)

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Tyga - Tsunami (Remix) (Lyrics - Paroles)

Tyga - Tsunami (Remix) (Lyrics - Paroles)
Look up, its me in the sky

A king, a pharaoh of beasts is alive

You all in my space, you gettin' too close just lookin' to fuck up my vibe

I came with some models, they on the front page

Just business, and bullshit aside

So please keep your nose in your business

And the bullshit all out of mine

Real figure and figures don't lie


I gave you a lot to aspire, but you'd rather sit and type bullshit online

Okay I'm done with this shit, ..

Tropic your ocean, you boastin', you bold …

You A-holes just hate though

I celebrate to champagne in Tokyo

Oooh I kill 'em, I kill 'em, I did it

Last Kings on the finish

If time is money, these bitches gon have to start payin' for all of my minutes
Look up, its me in the sky

A king, a pharaoh of beasts is alive

I'm high as a rosta, you an imposta

I just imported my ride

SLR [?]

Versace, I did it …

Times, times, my Rollie price, don't fuck up my vibe

I go so hard knock out these lines

They copy and post in on Vine

Who you entitled to

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