Represent Portmore Lyrics/Paroles
Vybz Kartel

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(Verse 1) World Boss have the lyrical efregin Listen weh mi seh brethren Dis mi pon the road yo get it instant messaging The sun no too catch mi skin Lose mi Afro sentrisim Mi shouldn't dweet so yes mi sing But all in one rest the thing I just smoke when I go smoke Chemical to oyster court No astronaut but I go float Gravity no find no rope I go sport the gyal dem through him Lui V microscope A bubble like the fagging and the water no haffi microscope Fresh to death wid mi life, buss mi gun, swing mi knife Touch the stage, bring the mic Wid mi wife, the thing shi like Bleach mi face, bring the wipe, dim the light, riddim the night 50 gyal fi 50 bike Pass the clutchy wid the knife Watch yo self pon the road dark car a gwaan You no gwaan like seh you no know that Don't hold no endz and go play no domino (Chorus) Mi a represent fi the place weh mi grow dawg Mi a represent fi the place weh mi grow dawg Portmore Represent fi the place weh mi grow dawg Portmore (Verse 2) Mi bring the vibes like rubbish bring the flies Eucharistic design's when da youth yah spit the rhymes Like a shooter wid the nine When the rooger hit the bines Carry da book yah go a the doctor cause a Super spit the rhymes Dem go diagnose out a mi lighter or mi rifle Which one fired most To how mi war mi tell the tailor meck some iron clothe To how mi smoke dem haffi seh mi have a iron nose Is yo no tough yo no fi try and pose Dem seh mi no fi drive hard star Gwaan go tell benz no meck no fast car All star cyaa spend mi come through Bare gyal a come through Addi what you call dui Mi run through the whole crew wick in a the lane V Usain a Beijing tek one a sus gyal Tusain the same thing, look pon the plain ring A me that elevate, high grade mi celebrate World Boss the heavy weight (Repeat Chorus)