Black Panamera (Remix) Lyrics/Paroles

par bilal 2071 vues -

bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce bounce, uh [hook:] black panamera, chop a clip banana, .. rip it up like a like a piranha, bmw .. panamera, panamera, panamera white masserati, get my..loty, loty then i see the body when you rolling to your city in my panamera, panamera, panamera black panamera smack in the chillin had a back in the max and the day i will give up you should..the sneakers do it for the people i ain’t with people do you fall feature, haters i never lie to slack on the…for me is in the.. i right tonight i was in the black porsche tomorrow i send that ass home racks on the niggas, racks on the nigga a back took a shit i’m tryin max up with you this path in this section i ain’t tryin take no pictures but you look upon the mirror just fly it, just check it ..let me talking bout that i ain’t official thinking and sleeping ’cause i ain’t wearing by a pistol so ride with em you don’t leave me with the bitches you got a little game but you f* take ass yes black panamera never drug petal all the bitches love me say the brother don’t.. so green and white your love so right i’m a gun you a knife what’s the hoe to a slice ah, four show in the night so good you gotta show me the skype if our homie got a problem don’t show me the sight nigga show me your sight no subliminal, know that out of window og phone swear the big front of metal 20 20 20 shawty i’m a .. see me int he biz with the.. teens so official speaking on dealer you ain’t doing tripping you gonna get it [hook:] driving in the city panarami live vice for a.. i’ma searching the club working if your not working you bear me a.. yes me livin my life it’s like a movie i’m a rose.. movie… so elt that p**sy.. run up int he club..rose..rose..rose me your sleep no lunch time ..get eye time .. [hook:]