The Followers Lyrics/Paroles

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[Produced by Pro Reese & Marce Reazon] [Verse 1] Yeah, what’s it all for? Trust in no man, but give it up to my Lord I might influence entire wars from maricons There’s levels to this fellowship, you stuck on the same board Truly provoking, shining new light through my zones Get women open, I should moonlight designing doors Oh that’s swag, call me trash, who y'all’s source? Cause y’all sheep, the way I see it you’re all lost Look what I encompass while you lacking direction Why would the guide lie to us, you’re looking fly Olympics Anyone, Jordan, Johnson, Phelp shit I can off-hand, hit you right with strong hand hits In the zone little nigga doing small bowl rips And my broad doing things only saw on flicks Oh shit, I’m the man, ho Dunk Lows, only those come Japan, ho Money fold, women close got me paranoid Only fair to lose your ear at wedding ceremonies Either way they should be voided [Hook] Follow me, follow me or forget me, follow me (x3) Follow me, follow me or forgive me, ‘cause y’all about to see [Sample] (The point is I intend to undertake this. And I'll do it with or without you. So if you're scared, if you haven't got the stomach for this, let's get it out right now! And I'll go on my own. If not, you can get on board and we can get to work! Now what's it going to be?) [Verse 2] But nigga is you crazy? They say I lost a step Like the second wedding ring bearer somewhere in the orphanage is, do you blame me? But the anger I express, providing messages, it’s now apparent you forced the kid And you hate me, because you too lazy to decypher what I’m writing, and I say to it “Oh, I never fall off I get my Bill John Wall on” Bills fill up that Goyard, your bitch nickname is hold on So called my jump off, she so far my call log Y'all speak like y'all pack heat, y'all street fight like Balrog En garde, en garde, yeah, touche Life’s a lemon so why make it a Kool-Aid Hold your bread, it’s not what you getting, but what you save Hold your head like in a blizzard rockin’ a toupe Move, Folarin probably coming through Camera roll like Pornhub, closet look like Karmaloop Oh Folarin probably letting off, M box like model cars, closet look like Bergdorf Checks ain’t in stock, but I never fall to what rich niggas care about Birds in my parent’s house, shot, fuck malaria Back to the spot I still rock the rarest apparel, yah [Hook] [Outro] Nigga is you crazy? [Instrumental break: 30 measures] [Hook]