The Last Lyrics/Paroles
Wiz Khalifa

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[Intro] Y’ll already know what it is We the last… [Verse 1] At night that’s when all the lights shine Ask the stewardess what’s the flight time Know we grown we all got shit to say But we drunk so it’s the right time Outer Space they got a hot clime Out of sight, i’m out of my mind I did everything on my own, so I could give a fuck how your advice sound Who you know sick as Khalif though Flow tighter than the clothes on the nigga who fight crime It’s cool to dream I suppose, you never know how far it might go You might need some love, it might get shown You might stumble down the right road Got problems with the structure? Time to renovate When tightening up your circle, keep your business straight [Hook] Cause we the last free souls in the world on our own Just roaming, just roaming, just roaming, just roaming [Verse 2] We the niggas who could have it all We the ones who only dream of it then do it on our own Smoking one and got another roll Came a long way from no direction now to formation More legit, more to make, more to spend Got a thing for champagne? Order it Waking up in my trap house burning hella spliffs, grinding Listening to Dolomite rhyming, I’m in Exclusive bay, break you off something and I’ve got moves to make Don’t be acting booshie ‘cause you came through with Nate No rules, real nigga before Protools Got game from niggas that's from the old school But we them new niggas, you should roll through Woked up in the morning fucked up but that’s part of it I got weed smoke and all this gin, Khalifa always wins [Hook]