Diamonds (Remix) Lyrics/Paroles
Young Dro

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Shine bright like a diamond, ha Shine like a diamond, kanye I shine bright like a diamond nigga Rihanna, what’s happenin? I got a plan for it, I’ma stand for it I’m from the bricks, but they think I went to stanford 10 grand, each pocket, 40 grand boy I stay fly, I don’t have nothing to land for You like the way these niggas rap, stop playing boy You must like a lot of junk, freds and froid I fry niggas ass, get the pan for it Stuck crowley’s here, I’m the man for it I sweat blood for this money so I’m spraying for it I cut both of your legs off, lieutenant down for it 2013 carerra, that’s a 10 points Bread pasta and potatoes that’s a black course Get out my haters whores, I’m commando what you think they don’t command for? I eat lamb rot, lamb leather, lamb coat Steal the bar and fuck the judge nigga damn coat I ain’t no of these young niggas bitch I’m 32 I got bitches fuckin for me, slick servitude I’m not a killer, but I god damn murder you Out loud, you a quiet, audio You know I’m stupid with the colors, whip purple blue You baby rappin ass niggas need … I jump straight over your ass bitch, order you You drag queen ass nigga, where your … I can’t talk, I’m on the molly like my tongue tied Busting choppers till they catch a fire, my gun tied 31 inches, rubber band tied My pockets making noise, those of ben guys You the man, lying, stop the claims, try Can I buy you burkin bags, bitch I can’t … I’m with my man 5, we are zen high I change my name in 3 crazy they like damn right I should changed it to adtrain, I’m so high My chick from thailand but look like she from saint high She got extended eyes, I got extended eyes I’m outta space, no longer I’m on the planet guys Niggas slip, catch 50 up in the torso Me and my click,w e crazy, let’s go go Shine bright like a diamond, come on Shine bright like a diamond Nigga have a mellow, nigga your swag absent To how I’m …the kid dashin Mink on my hardware, silla on my couch now Bosky ass rembrants cover my house now …i don’t rap, bringing them rocks out Like them flinstones, I pull the 6 on Coped out a satellite, watch karate.. The only way these niggas see us slip it’s tv Flow archonic nigga, diamonds of color fiji All these wear up niggas wondering where the fuck is cc The … aqua is a translucent 3c That’s if I catch 2, watch how I blast you The ice that I ain’t had, hell when the light bling Green diamonds in the my chain, nigga turn the light be Shawty can’t ride less her toes, less I’m outside Lambo doors, you don’t close from outside Money from south side, known from the 6 And my money start falling way back in ‘96 I just made 56, I’m for the real estate closin I be laughing at them niggas on the corner as I’m rollin Hey man I hustle and my grand got bands and foreign lands Diversify hustle, I’m thinkin why niggas playin I told you all niggas I was rich before rhyming Illuminated nigga, shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond, Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond Put it on the floor nigga You put it on top of the world man So the world can know We trill crazy till the motherfucking casket drop Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond My life for me Shine bright like a diamond.