Game va sortir une nouvelle mixtape [News]

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Game va sortir une nouvelle mixtape

Après la sortie récente de son morceau "Uncle Otis" tout le monde présentait la sortie probable d'une mixtape et bien s'est confirmé. Game vient récemment d'annoncer qu'une mixtape intitulé Condoms & Coronas devrait être dispo prochainement, ce qui permettra de faire patienter les fans avant la sortie de The Red Album Since causing an uproar last week with “Uncle Otis”, Game is taking it a step further and releasing a new mixtape entitled, Condoms & Coronas. No date yet, but this would probably serve as an appetizer to The R.E.D. Album August 23rd. [quote]Game: I like to do my mixtapes like albums, put them in album format and make sure everything is sounding good from beginning to end, sorta put out a single with it. “Uncle Otis’ is the single off the Hoodmorning (no typo) Mixtape called, Condoms & Corona, I stole a page out of the Hangover and I woke up in East LA in a house full of Latinas and a house full of bad Mexican bitches. Wit condom rappers and Coronas everywhere. (laughs) That’s crazy man Game: Yea, I’m crazy man, or at least I want people to think I am.[/quote] [center][img][/img][/center]

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