10 Rules for Success Through Music

Every musician wants to be successful. But success is not foolproof. The following building blocks form the basis of your breakthrough.

Do you want to be the next Ed Sheeran or write galactic tunes like John Williams? A desire that every young songwriter or composer pursues. But besides talent, what qualities do you need to succeed musically? Here’s an overview:

5% talent 95% hard work

As in any industry, talent alone does not equal success. A lot of hard work and self-discipline are important basic qualities. I myself often put hours, even days, into just a few minutes of music. A lot of fiddling and crafting is involved.

start small

It doesn’t have to be Hollywood or chart-topping. Try taking small steps toward your goals. Start with your first order or project and make yourself famous. Especially when working with other people, you can learn and get valuable feedback.

practice every day

Only practice makes perfect. This also applies to talented musicians. Engaging in creative activities is like competitive sports. If you train every day, your results will improve. Only through constant composition and practice will you progress and at some point celebrate your first success.

Make famous songs and learn the basics

Every musician should find his own personal style and copy as little as possible from others. However, it pays off to create successful and well-known songs. You’ll learn the basics, such as arranging a song or choosing the right instrument, which will later help you create your own songs.

Only one song out of 10 will be good

Not every idea you have will become the next mega hit. However, create, try, make mistakes, it’s part of the continuous development process. Even if some pieces don’t look great at first glance, you can keep trying, whether it’s the next day or a month later, only a few ideas finally pass the stress test.

Find a mentor

Every rough diamond needs someone to cut it. According to padawan guru principles, young musicians need guidance. You can learn a lot from a mentor. Whether it is technical basic knowledge, or the qualities required for personal development.

enjoy life

For many artists, no day ends without creative results. This creates strong internal pressure. Productivity sometimes lies in doing nothing. Therefore, often do things that have nothing to do with music to gather new inspiration. Going for a walk in the park or meeting up with friends is sometimes enough. Here, new ideas can be generated and energy released, ultimately increasing your creative output.

become a team player

As a film composer, you are often involved in projects. That’s why it’s important to be able to work with other people. This requires you to be able to obey yourself, be reliable and keep an eye on everything. Soft skills are essential, especially in a band.

motivate people

Wash one hand with the other. As a musician, you are always looking for inspiration. But try to help other creative people with their work, give them tips, offer ideas, and it always pays off. Either there was a creative moment while you were helping, or someone you helped gave you the decisive creative impetus at some point.

In search of eternal challenge

Never rest on your laurels, but try to measure yourself against new tasks. Experiment with new musical styles or deviate from your usual compositional scheme. Everyone grows with responsibility. So new paths and missions are a good challenge.

Conclusion: Musical Success

As you can see, art, especially music, is not a surefire success. In addition to talent, it requires a lot of discipline, perseverance, and most importantly, a lot of hard work. Especially for composers and songwriters, a successful song is often hard work. Get started now!

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