11 Tips for Making Money with Your Music

Are you a passionate musician? Everything you create comes from your heart and deepest beliefs? So why not make money from your music? I’ll show you how to do this in the blog post below.

Performances as a band or solo artist

A tried and tested way to make money from music is to play solo at events like weddings or local gigs/festivals. In addition to fees, this opportunity also provides opportunities for self-promotion to increase visibility. In addition, it is also possible to contact and sell some sound carriers at the same time.

Create a website and showcase your strengths

It sounds corny, but the first step to getting noticed on the internet is creating a website. Not all potential listeners are mobile on Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram or other well-known social networks. With a website, you have a unique internet address that every audience around the world can access and contact.

sell music licenses

You don’t have to belong to a record label or label to sell your music. Digitization has created many opportunities for you to independently make money from your music on the Internet. For example, you could make your music available on iTunes, Spotify, or your own website and sell licenses based on the type of usage. At this point I suggest reading my article “What is Royalty Free Music?” to read through.

Songwriting and composition for others

Maybe you find writing lyrics or composing music easy? Then offer your services for sale. You can support other musicians or give them advice. By participating in the creation, you have the potential to benefit from royalties as a co-author of the work.

movies and commercials

There are all kinds of filmmakers looking for independent music. Especially in the Internet and advertising industries, there are many people who are looking for personalized music for their projects, and are often willing to pay for good music production.

produce for others

Some bands are very talented, have great ideas and are very dynamic. Most of the time, however, they lack equipment or recording skills. As a producer, you can step in and support the recording of the album. You can mix songs and get paid for it.

donate button on website

You can generate extra income by having a donate button on your website. Fans who enjoy your music will most likely pay a few euros. For example, you can use Paypal and embed it on your website. You can also create a profile on Patreon or Steady, which generates regular income.

sell goods

It sounds weird, but selling merchandise is all the rage right now. It’s easy to generate high income and fill a band’s coffers. Perfect for t-shirts, stickers, bags, mugs or badges. You can also sell limited editions of different designs. Providers will include Spreadshirt or Spreadshop.

music class

As a musician, you have likely amassed a vast intellectual wealth. Why not pass it on? If you are a guitarist, you can offer guitar lessons. You can also produce and sell teaching materials for schools. More information on Delivering Music Lessons Online.


Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, many musicians have had to leave live performances. Live streaming has established itself as an alternative. This can be done on various platforms like YouTube or Twitch. Additionally, you can incentivize viewers to donate or subscribe during your live broadcast, securing additional income and possibly even gaining a new fan or another.

Create a YouTube channel

Don’t forget, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world (after Google). That said, a lot of people are looking for music-related information on the platform. So how do you demonstrate insight into what you know or how you work here? With a large audience, you can earn money through advertising revenue. Plus, you can better market your music with a large reach.

Conclusion “Make money with music”

As you can see, there are many ways to make money from music. It’s important that you take advantage of the nearly endless possibilities of the Internet and stay on top of developments as they emerge in order to build your brand and get your music known. The most important points are summarized below:

  • show money
  • Extra income from own homepage (ads/donate buttons)
  • Earn money by producing and composing music for others (remixes, film projects, participation)
  • Generate income through knowledge transfer (YouTube channel, teaching)

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