Accent Rugs Improve Design

One way to draw attention to a specific area of a room is with the placement of a rug in that area. You can use one or more accent rugs in almost every room of your home.

A rug placed at your front door is the perfect way to welcome guests and protect your flooring. If you have space in your entryway for a small piece of furniture such as an accent table or coat tree, that space can be made more attractive if you place a rug under the furniture. It will add color and texture to a space that is sometimes neglected in the decorating process.

In a living area, you have numerous opportunities for adding warmth and beauty to the room with rugs. You can use a rug to create a reading area in your living room or to designate an office workspace. You can place a rug in a specific area of the room and designate it as a special place for your pet to sleep. A rug placed in front of an armoire or sideboard will draw attention to that specific piece of furniture. If your living room is designed for a casual lifestyle, a soft, plush rug and a few floor pillows placed in front of the television may turn out to be the perfect place for family movie time.

Children love to play on the floor. A rug designed especially for them would be a great addition to their room. Bright colors, cartoon characters, and animal-themed rugs generally appeal to children. A teenage girl would probably love the addition of a brightly colored shag rug to her bedroom decor.

Thick, soft, decorative accent rugs make a great addition to a master bedroom or guest room. They add an atmosphere of warmth and comfort to the room.