Aim For Safety With Loft Ladder Handrails

Safety is one of the big selling points when dealing with items that have the potential to put you into a dangerous situation. It stands to reason that for things such as ladders and loft ladders there is some responsibility to the manufacturer to try to add features that will help make their products as safe to use as possible.

For this reason, it is possible to buy loft ladders with handrails. One of the reasons that some people install loft ladders is to open up the possibility of using the space in the attic as storage space. When you have storage space you have to get the things you’re planning on storing into the space. This means carrying bundles of items up and down the loft ladder stairs which also means that there is a very real possibility that a step may be missed and falls can occur.

By installing a loft ladder with a handrail attached you are giving yourself the added security of knowing that you will always have something to hang on to when ascending and descending the ladder. The most common type of loft ladders that come with handrails is wooden loft ladders. As the ladder unfolds the handrail will fall neatly into place and lock so that it won’t move while it is in use.

It may also be the case that the handrail is not needed or it could prove to be getting in the way when moving large items up into the attic. There are some models of loft ladders in which the handrail may be detached and then reattached later when it is needed. It creates a loft ladder that has added versatility making it a more attractive option over loft ladders that don’t offer these features.

Whether you are looking at an aluminum loft ladder or a wooden loft ladder it might be a good idea to take in the possibility that you might require a loft ladder with added safety features such as the handrail.